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  • Verti-Drain®Verti-Drain®
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  • Hori-Drain®Hori-Drain®
  • Hori-Drain®Hori-Drain®
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Verti-Drain® is prefabricated Vertical Drain for soft soil improvement. Verti-Drain® has been installed more than 750 million meters throughout the world proving its outstanding quality and trust for its performance.

Bio Verti-Drain® is an eco-friendly biodegradable Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) for soft ground improvement, which well reproduces physical advantages of Verti-Drain®. Bio Verti-Drain® is biologically degraded after installation and ground consolidation in natural soil conditions without leaving any residual plastic behind.

Bio Verti-Drain® is the first prefabricated vertical drain which obtained "Eco-Label" from Ministry of Environment of Korea.

Bio Verti-Drain® is composed of PBS(Poly Butylene Succinate) affiliated with aliphatic polyester and eco-friendly biodegradable
PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) based on cornstarch.

Bio Verti-Drain® is a biodegradable product which degrades into H2O and CO2 in natural conditions after completing soil consolidation
and it is different with Bio-disintegrable product which leaves behind soil pollutants after partial degradation.

After installation, Bio Verti-Drain® maintains its performance for 3 years and degrades into water and carbon dioxide via microbiological degradation and hydrolysis after completing soil consolidation.


Through the test by ASTM D 6918, a discharge capacity test method of prefabricated vertical drains, it had been proven that
Bio Verti-Drain® keeps outstanding discharge capacity of not less than 25cm3/s under the pressure of 300 kPa after 100 days.

It also has excellent tensile strength of more than 2,000N/full width. And the filter with less than 80μm of AOS and more than
1 x 10-2cm/s of coefficient of permeability performs great filtration capacity by effectively preventing the fine particles from inflowing.

Hori-Drain<sup>®</sup> Hori-Drain<sup>®</sup>
Geos MatGeos Mat
Geos FilterGeos Filter
Geos Silt ProtectorGeos Silt Protector
DAEHAN i.m at a glanceDAEHAN i.m at a glance
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